This DIY Crafter's Fancy Unihorns Are the Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Costume Inspo????

When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people: those who have their costumes planned out months in advance—and those (like us????) who wait until just days before Oct. 31 to piece something together.

That said, throughout the week, we've been enlisting help from some of our fave DIY gurus (and pals at NYX makeup and Joico InstaTint) to assist those of us who have failed to plan ahead.

Our latest is Hollywood-based crafter Natalie Kanooni. The L.A. native, who recently opened her Etsy shop Curly Nat Creations, is fairly new to the professional world of DIY, though she's been helping design party crafts and homemade gifts in her spare time for friends and family for years.

Natalie not only chatted with Sweety High about her crafting inspirations and how she got into this creative world, but she also specially designed three unihorns just for us! You can purchase replicas of her original creations on her Etsy shop, but in the meantime, take a look below at how I transformed myself into an overnight unicorn, thanks to her skills (well, I did my own makeup). And then keep scrolling to learn all about how Natalie turned her low-key hobby into a full-blown sidejob.

Dahvi and Sarah Unicorn photo
Sweety High: How long did it take you on average to create each individual unihorn?
Natalie Kanooni: Each unihorn took me about 2-3 hours to make. That includes the creative process, coming up with the design for each item plus shopping for the right accessories.

SH: Why do you think unihorns and unicorn costumes are so popular?

NK: Unicorns are magical and mysterious creatures. I feel like dressing as them gives people a chance to escape reality and become part of a world in which we wish was real. So, why not turn a beautiful, mythical creature into reality and dress up as a Unicorn for a day or week?

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SH: How did you get into crafting?

NK: I have always been a crafty and artistic person, ever since I was a child. I remember when I was 9 years old designing my own bookmarks and selling them to my family and friends. That grew into scrapbooking, designing my high school banners, creating my own costumes for Halloween and now styling events for friends!

SH: What's your favorite thing you've ever crafted on your own?

NK: One of my favorite things I crafted was a kissing photo booth for a 1-year-old's birthday. I used red and white stripe material on top of a large cardboard box I had laying around. It fit his little body perfectly. I had so much fun making the kissing booth and getting to see the family take pictures with him.

SH: What are your tips for keeping costs down when crafting?

NK: At the Dollar Store you can find things that would normally cost you more at Michael's. I would suggest looking there first before checking out any craft stores. I also check to compare prices of items I am thinking about purchasing from craft stores. Lastly, I don't throw anything out (which gets me in trouble with my boyfriend). You never know when inspiration will strike for your next project.

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SH: Are there any blogs, sites or Instagram accounts you look to for crafting inspiration?

NK: I like to follow A Beautiful Mess and Refinery29. I follow a couple of street artists as well, such as StarFighterA and Punk Me Tender. I find inspiration in art and street art living in LA. It just makes you feel free and want to create.

SH: What is your ultimate goal in the world of DIY crafting?
NK: It's definitely a great hobby of mine, but now I want to expand by event styling and leading others into DIY projects from the comfort of their home.
SH: Will you be designing your own Halloween costume? What will you be?
NK: I'm all about making my own costumes. Some of my past costumes were a mime, mobster, lioness and even Adele. I haven't been thinking about this year's costume but perhaps I can use one of my unihorns and go as a whimsical unicorn!

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