Alt-Pop Singer Chloe Lilac Teaches How to DIY a Decorative Journal

Journaling is important all year round. But now more than ever, as we remain amid a months-long pandemic, it's crucial that we have a place to express our highs and lows and innermost thoughts, and can revert back when we want to reflect.

If anyone understands the value of journaling, it's pop artist Chloe Lilac, who is as expressive on paper as she is when she puts her thoughts to lyrics. The singer, who just released her DOUCHEBAG EP, took the time to break down how she makes the design of her special notebook as meaningful as the words on her pages.

But enough explanation from us—we'll let Chloe take it from here!

Hi! I'm Chloe Lilac! I'm going to show you how I customize my journals. This is my main journal that I write and draw in every day. This is something that's really helped me during quarantine. I started collaging and drawing in this book right at the beginning, and now it's something I enjoy doing every day.


(Photo courtesy of Chloe Lilac)

You want to grab a blank (preferably black) notebook. I personally like Moleskine notebooks the best, but this was what I had lying around.


(Photo courtesy of Chloe Lilac)

Next, grab some oil-based paint pens. These are the best. You'll see in a second they're so vibrant and so much fun to draw and write with. Sharpie makes the best paint pens in my experience.


(Photo courtesy of Chloe Lilac)

Put an "if lost" contact, address, and name on the inside of the front cover. That way people can know it's yours if you ever lose it.


(Photo courtesy of Chloe Lilac)

Turn on some of your favorite music, and just have fun with it! This only took me about an hour. Zone out, and see what you draw. Worst comes to worst, the cool thing about it is you can take some nail polish remover and start over! Also, if you mess up but don't want to erase anything with nail polish remover, you can go over it with a black marker. I usually start in the upper left corner, and work my way down. I started off with the skull, and just kept going from there.


(Photo courtesy of Chloe Lilac)


(Photo courtesy of Chloe Lilac)

Now that you've got a taste of my artwork, if you want to check out my latest music video for "DOUCHEBAG," feel free to do so below!


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