These DIY Squishes Are a Kawaii Crafter's Dream Come True

If you love crafting all things "kawaii" (or "cute"), then you'll fall in love with these DIY squishies by YouTuber Ketchupgiri.

What are squishies, you ask? Only the most fun and interactive accessory you can make out of foam and paint. Prepare to obsess over these little squishy toys that can be attached to keychains, backpacks and cell phones.

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While you should definitely subscribe to Ketchupgiri's YouTube channel to follow all of her DIY tutorials, we have some of our favorite finished products below. Some of these are so realistic you'll want to sink your teeth into them!

Donut Squishy

We just can't stop glazing—I mean gazing—at this foam donut. The attention to sprinkle detail is just foam-omenal.


M&M Cookie Squishy

This M&M cookie puts the "good" in baked good! I hope you like your cookies chewy because this squishy is served super soft.

???????????? Tutorial up on YouTube ????

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Onigiri Squishy

Even if you don't have a taste for onigiri (otherwise known as a rice ball wrapped in seaweed), you'll still want to tote this adorable Japanese treat with you wherever you go. Those cheeks!

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Peas in a Pod Squishy

I've taken the liberty of naming these little peas, from left to right, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But you can paint any faces you please on these squishy peas.

Peas in a Pod {????????????} #homemadesquishy

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Soft Pretzel Squishy

Soft pretzels are a staple snack for every mall or movie theater trip. To really take this purse accessory up a notch, try making a Wetzel's Pretzels-style dipping sauce to accompany the salty treat.


Slice of Pizza Squishy

I mean, need I say more?

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Sweethearts Squishy

Just because Valentine's Day has passed doesn't mean we aren't in immediate need of these mini squishy hearts. Attach a ball chain to each heart and you have the perfect BFF present for every girl in your gang.

Conversation Hearts ???? Perfect for Valentine's Day ???? Tutorial on my channel!

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Milk Carton Squishy

If all milk cartons looked this cute, we wouldn't need to be reminded to get our daily dose of calcium.

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