10 Ways to Make Your Locker Cuter Than Ever This Year

The new school year is just around the corner, and we're sure you're amped on back-to-school shopping.

So when it comes to your locker, why not do it up bigger and better than ever before? We've rounded up some creative ideas on how to make your locker feel just like home and be the envy of all your friends at the same time.

1. Brainstorm a Vibe

You've got to look at your locker every dang day of the school year, so you might as well make it an inspiring escape, right? Before you start buying tons of fun knick knacks, think about what vibe you want to achieve so it's cohesive. Some ideas? Girly, glam, edgy, modern, minimalist… the choice is yours.

Inside Locker Ideas


2. Add Some Lights

First off, lockers are always so freaking dark inside. Especially when you have to fish out a small, flimsy paperback book for language class. Do you and your locker style a solid and decorate the top of it with battery-powered lights. And while you're at it, you can even hang some dainty firefly string lights on your locker door—cute and functional.

Pineapple string lights battery powered Urban Outfitters locker ideas

Firefly string lights Urban Outfitters

(via Urban Outfitters)


3. Hang Up Polaroids

Show off your summer fun by hanging pretty polaroids in your locker. You can go basic with the good ol' tape method. Or you can get a fancy string with clips, or even combine this idea with point No. 2 and get firefly string light photo clips!

Frame banner polaroids Urban Outfitters

firefly string lights with clips for photos locker ideas

(via Urban Outfitters)


4. Add a Small Plant

There's nothing like a little nature to brighten up even the darkest days. Try adding greenery into your life via a small plant in your locker with a magnetic hanging vase with a succulent or a frond.

small plant in white vase urban outfitters locker ideas

(via Urban Outfitters)

Vase magnets for inside locker ideas

(via Container Store)


5. Set Up a Beauty Refresh Station

Shower caddies make the perfect beauty refresh station inside your locker! Stick one of these cute caddies inside and fill it up with all of your favorite midday pick-me-up products, like a facial spray, a tingly lip balm, an essential oil or perfume and maybe some concealer too. No post-lunch slumps here!

Shower caddy for midday beauty station locker ideas

(via Amazon)


6. Write Notes On a Sleek Dry Erase Board

Because white dry erase boards are so 2016. Try this sleek, stainless steel dry erase board instead.

Stainless Steel Dry Erase board Locker Ideas

(via Container Store)


7. Create Your Own Sign

Get personal and create your own sign with this killer neon kit from Urban Outfitters, or this cinema box set! Why not start the school day with your own pump-up mantra?

Cinema Board Light up Box

Neon DIY sign Urban Outfitters locker ideas


8. Up Your Magnet Game

Three words: copper dog magnets. That is all.

Copper Dog Magnets From Container Store

(via Container Store)


9. Cute Locker Rug

Some of the locker rugs out there are pretty terrifying looking… which inspired us to DIY our own. Soft, furry shags are the perfect way to line your locker—just get one from IKEA and cut it to the right size. If you're too lazy to DIY, these polka dot ones from PB Teen will do just fine.

IKEA SHAG rug locker ideas
(via Ikea)


10. DIY Hanging Decor

Whether you prefer macrame or himmeli, either will make a super cute addition to your locker come fall. If you're new to the technique, you can pick up this Himmeli Making Kit that's specifically made to boho up your locker.

DIY Wall Hanging Decor

(via Paper Source)


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