6 Ways to DIY the Locker of Your Dreams This School Year

If we're being completely real here, school can be such a drag sometimes.

Even so, that doesn't mean that your locker has to be that way. The key to an amazing locker is accessorizing the heck out of it. We've put together a few DIY tips and tricks for you to have the coolest locker possible this school year. Keep scrolling to find out what we mean.

Asian girl and blonde girl at their lockers

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1. DIY Locker Organizer

The first thing you should do is craft a solid locker organizer. Your life will be so much easier when you can actually find everything you're looking for in between classes.


2. Locker Door Chalkboard

For a little extra flare, DIY a cute chalkboard for the inside door using chalkboard paint. You can use a small picture frame, a cookie sheet or basically anything depending on the size of your locker. Watch the tutorial below.


3. Locker Pencil Holder

This awesome pencil holder requires a few supplies, but once you've got them all ready to go, the project is a breeze. Decorate it however you want and add a few magnets so it sticks to the door. Read the full instructions HERE.


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4. Locker Rug & Wallpaper

Because your locker is going to be like your second home during the school year, why not make it a little more cozy? Add a rug and fun patterned wallpaper to really kick up the wow factor in your space. Watch how to make them below.


5. Homework Station Turntable

A magnetic pencil holder is great and all, but if you really mean business when it comes to locker organization, this homework station turntable is just the thing you need. Everything you'll ever want school-supply wise can fit on it and let's be honest, it would just look extremely cute with a locker rug and some wallpaper, am I right? Read the how-to HERE.


homework station turntable

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6. Bottle Cap Magnets

if you find yourself running low on room after all the amazing projects we just gave you, these are exactly what you need to finish things off. Make a few fun bottle cap magnets and craft paper or your own pictures! Shrink down a couple pics of you and your squad and deck the whole thing out. Watch how below.


You can't go wrong with these locker tips and tricks, but you also need to make sure you don't do THESE eight things on the first day of school.