7 Ways to DIY the Best Viewing Party for the Olympics' Closing Ceremony

As you know, we are completely living for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

We're sad to acknowledge, however, that yes, they will eventually come to an end (*collective sigh*). But don't be too down–this just means you have an excuse to throw the most epic closing ceremony viewing party for your besties.

Celebrate the closing of the Olympic games with these nine DIY tips for an unforgettable party below.

1. Olympic Rings Candy Bar

Cute and colorful are the name of the game for an Olympic bash, so you'll need this festive candy bar. All this takes are some dollar plastic buckets, paint and of course, a few sweet treats. Read the how-to guide HERE.

olympic rings candy bar

(via You Are My Fave)


2. Chocolate Medals

Those chocolate coins aren't just for Halloween anymore. They actually provide a fun and easy way to DIY your very own Olympic gold, silver or bronze medal. Whip out some blue ribbon to smack on 'em, and boom, you're all Olympic superstars. Read the instructions HERE.

chocolate medals

(via Evite)


3. Torch Cupcakes

These ice cream cone torch cupcakes are delicious and adorable. Use fruit roll-ups for the flame, draw on Olympic rings and people won't even know how to handle all the amazingness you're doling out. Read the recipe HERE.

torch cupcakes

(via Unsophisticook)


4. Olympic Ring Cookies

Because a party is really just an excuse to pig out on junk food, keep the sweets coming with these Olympic ring cookies. Throw on some colored sugar to fully stick with the theme. You can find the full recipe HERE.

olympic ring cookies

(via Moonfrye)


5. Olympic Rings Pizza

Pizza is essential at any function, but we think it's time you made one fit for a gold medalist. You can go one of several ways with this DIY. Order a few pizzas and cut them up into rings or you can even make your own and cut as so.

olympic rings pizza

(via Moore Minutes)


6. Olympic Rings Sprite

Keep it cute and classy at the party with these refreshing Olympic Sprite flutes. Drop a few Life Saver candies in there to truly make it the best Olympic closing ceremony drink around. Read the how-to HERE.

olympic rings drink

(via Savannah Smiled)


7. Olympic Spirit Headbands

Who says American flag-themed headbands are just for Independence Day? Show your U.S. spirit with the squad by making these beauties before the closing ceremony starts. The best part is, you can keep them and save them for your next Fourth of July party. Watch the tutorial below.


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