These DIY Perfume Recipes Will Leave You Smelling Fresh All Day Long

Need a new perfume in your life? Look no further than these seven DIY recipes.

From fruity to floral, these scents will leave you smelling fresh all day long!

DIY Vanilla Perfume

If smelling of sweet vanilla nodes all day sounds like something you'd enjoy, then this perfume is the one for you. Follow the tutorial HERE to make it.

DIY vanilla perfume

(via Jillian in Italy)


DIY Citrus Lavender Perfume

Made with all-natural ingredients, this solid version of your everyday perfume will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling amazing. Find the instructions on how to craft it HERE.

DIY citrus lavender solid perfume

(via Our Heritage of Health)


DIY Sandalwood & Vanilla Perfume

Keeping things a little less fruity and a little more earthy is this simple solid perfume. It's easier to make than you may think, so get to crafting it HERE.

DIY sandalwood and vanilla perfume

(via Mommypotamus)


DIY Rose Perfume

The scent of a rose is quite an enchanting one, just ask Belle and the Beast. If you're looking to smell simply irresistible, then HERE is the tutorial you need to follow.

DIY rose perfume

(via Beautylish)


DIY Jasmine & Clove Perfume

For more of a soothing and relaxing aroma, lather up your skin with this jasmine and clove solid perfume. It'll reduce your stress in no time! Head over HERE for the step-by-step tutorial.

DIY jasmine and clove solid perfume in a heart-shaped tin

(via Hello Glow)


DIY Rose, Geranium & Lavender Perfume

Having a hard time deciding on one scent to stick to with your perfume? Why not choose a DIY that lets you use a concoction of a few? This one takes the cake when it comes to not being too overpowering while containing a few different scents. Find the tutorial HERE.

DIY rose, geranium and lavender perfume

(via Beauty Munsta)


DIY Honeysuckle Perfume

This rose gold-colored solid perfume doesn't just look amazing, it smells so, too! Floral and fresh, others will get a pleasant whiff of honeysuckle as you pass by them. HERE is everything you need to craft this beauty.

DIY honeysuckle solid perfume

(via Soap Queen)


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