Everything You Need to DIY the Party-Perfect Photo Booth

Let's be real here: If it wasn't documented on social media, it didn't happen, amirite?

And nothing says life of the party like posing with a goofy paper moustache and cool backdrop. That said, actual photo booths are normally way too out of budget, but we have just the solution for you.

DIY your own picture-perfect version that is next-level quality but won't break the bank this season!

1. Make Your Own Props

The most important part of any good photo booth is the props. If you can't find any fun accessories lying around, bust out the construction paper and whip up a few using the tutorial below.


2. Create a Backdrop

The key to any good photo booth is a killer backdrop. Get creative and make a themed background or tailor it to the theme of your party!

DIY photo booth background

(via Free People)


3. Photo Booth Apps

When in doubt, there's an app for that. If you really want to keep costs low, simply download Pocketbooth in the app store HERE. It creates photo strips just like a normal photo booth and you can share them with your friends via social media much easier.

pocketbooth app

(via iTunes)


Because you'll be puckering up for those adorable photo booth pics, you'll need THESE DIY scrubs that will leave your lips completely soft and polished.