Rest Your Sleepy Head on One of THESE Adorable DIY Pillows

Pillows are a bedroom necessity. There's really no such thing as too many.

But why go out and purchase the same boring old pillow all of your friends have when you can make your own?

Scroll below for 10 of the most adorable and unique DIY pillows your bed is waiting to host!

DIY Taco Pillow

With a smile like that, how could you possibly pass up crafting this cute little guy? Follow the tutorial HERE to add him to your pillow collection.

DIY taco pillow form Life Ann Style

(via Life Ann Style)


DIY Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

Circus Animal cookies are without a doubt the best cookies in the universe. If you agree, don't you think you'd benefit from having this pillow inspired by the sugary treat in your life? We think so! Find the instructions HERE.

DIY circus animal cookie pillows from Studio DIY

(via Studio DIY)


DIY Macaron Pillow

Add some much needed sweetness to your bedroom with these plush macaron pillows. Whether you like pink, blue or yellow, you can make your macaroon in any color HERE.

DIY macaron pillow from Camelot Fabrics

(via Camelot Fabrics)


DIY Roller Skate Pillow

Lace up your skates and head on down to the roller rink to make this pillow! Okay, so you don't actually have to be at a roller skating rink to DIY THIS headrest, but it couldn't hurt.

DIY rollerskate pillow by Aww Sam

(via Aww Sam)


DIY Lips Pillows

Just in time for Valentine's Day, these lips pillows are easier to make than you may think. Head over HERE to find the step-by-step tutorial.

DIY lips pillows from Apartment Therapy

(via Apartment Therapy)


DIY Chill Pill-ow

You'll never have a problem finding your chill with this pillow in your life. Go ahead and head over HERE to find the materials you'll need and the tutorial to make yourself one.

DIY chill pill-ow from Aww Sam

(via Aww Sam)


DIY Heart Eyes and Kissy Face Emoji Pillows

If you overuse the heart eyes or kissy face emojis, these pillows are right up your alley. Find the instructions HERE.

DIY emoji pillows from Aww Sam

(via Life Ann Style)


DIY Sparkle Heart Emoji

While the heart eyes and kissy face emojis are spectacular, we're also big fans of the sparkle heart emoji. So you can bet we'll be following THIS tutorial to craft this beauty!

DIY sparkle heart emoji pillow from Studio DIY

(via Studio DIY)


DIY Stackable Burger Pillow

Though it looks incredibly delicious, this burger isn't meant for eating. Nor is it just one pillow, it's essentially five pillows. How awesome is that?! You can find the tutorial on how to make it HERE.

DIY stackable burger pillow from Please Note

(via Please Note)


DIY Funfetti Cake Slice Pillow

This pillow is probably the easiest to make, because it requires no sewing whatsoever. Plus, it's a huge cake slice. You know you want that in your bedroom. Find the instructions HERE.

DIY funfetti cake slice pillow

(via Aww Sam)


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