7 DIY Pins That Add the Perfect Amount of Flair to Any Denim Jacket

Before you throw out that boring, old denim jacket of yours, you may want to consider giving it a bit of a revival with some rad pins.

Follow these seven tutorials to create the cutest DIY pins in the whole wide world.


Pizza Pin

You can't go wrong adding a little pizza accent to any outfit. These pizza pins have our mouths watering. What's even cooler about them is you can even make a little pizza box to store them in after. Make this pin by following the tutorial HERE.

DIY pizza pin

(via Brite and Bubbly)

Emoji Pins

Emojis are the only way to perfectly express how you're feeling. Why not make them in pin form so you can wear your emotions? You can make these pins by following the tutorial HERE.

DIY emoji pins

(via Instructables)


Heart Pins

Some people avoid wearing their heart on their sleeve – but this case is a total exception. These pins will make you want your heart to be front and center! We're all about the "GRL PWR" one that's made in the video tutorial.


Woodland Creatures Pins

Sorry, not sorry, Taylor Swift–these pins want to keep us in the woods. Make an adorable creature of your own with the DIY tutorial HERE.

Woodland creatures diy pins

(via Oh Happy Days)


Sweet Treats Pins

As we're sure you all know, we're kind of obsessed with all things sweet. We couldn't resist adding these pins full of sugary goodness to the list. Find out how to make them HERE.

DIY donut, ice cream, candy pins

(via Persia Lou)


Egg Pin

No need to get out the frying pan to create this pin. All you need is a little bit of clay and you're on your way!


Bottle Cap Pins

The Carl Fredrecksen within all of us is squealing with excitement over these creative pins. BONUS: They're ridiculously easy to make.


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