Make the Popsocket of Your Dreams With These Cute, Clever Tutorials

Walking around without a popsocket stuck to your phone case is almost as bad as walking around without a phone case.

But stocking up on popsockets to adorn your cell phone isn't cheap. These bad boys can cost you a pretty penny, depending on which design you're eyeing.

To help you expand your popsocket collection without spending your entire allowance, we rounded up nine DIY popsocket tutorials that make it super easy to create the popsocket of your dreams. Scroll below to see them all!

DIY Emoji Popsockets

If you've ever wanted a specific emoji on a popsocket, but you couldn't find one, this tutorial is for you. Your emoji choices are endless. All you need is some air-dry clay, velcro tape and nail polish. Watch the tutorial below to see how it's done.


DIY Diamond Popsockets

These popsockets were made for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Plus, you can bling out a popsocket you already have by following the tutorial below.


DIY Color-Changing Popsockets

Why choose a popsocket that's only one color when you can make one that changes hues in the light? Get yourself some color-changing dust and you're basically set. Watch the tutorial below to see how it's done.


DIY Marble-Printed Popsocket

Everyone needs a marble-printed popsocket in their life. Why? Because they're timeless, of course. This tutorial is easy to follow and requires items you most likely already have lying around the house.


DIY Flower Popsocket

We're all about anything floral, especially this cutesy popsocket. Choose your fave type of flower, hot glue it to a suction cup and you're all set. Watch the tutorial below for all the details.


DIY Gold Popsocket

This popsocket looks expensive, but it's made with—wait for it—paper. Everyone will be thoroughly impressed knowing you created this bad boy on your own.


DIY Edible Popsocket

You'll always have a sweet snack on hand with this DIY popsocket. Make some candy and then stick that puppy onto your phone ASAP. Just make sure you finish it before setting it down.


DIY Water Bottle Popsockets

Who knew you could make a plethora of popsockets using just a water bottle? Now you do. Watch the easy-to-follow tutorial below for some guidance.


DIY Fidget Spinner Popsocket

Carrying around your fidget spinner has never been easier thanks to this tutorial. We're so glad something like this exists.


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