DIY Holiday Gift: Make A Tote Bag From An Old T-Shirt!

It's day one of our 12 days of Christmas DIY decorations and gifts! For the first day, we're sharing an amazing tutorial by Nickelodeon stars Sydney Park and Kira Kosarin, who teach us how to make a cute tote bag out of an old t-shirt!t shirt tote bag tutorial sydney park kira kosarin

This holiday season is all about upcycling! To create this fantastic look, you'll just need  an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors! You can watch the video here to follow along.

Fold the t-shirt in half. If you're right-handed, do this from left to right. If you're left-handed, bring the right side over to the left!

Using the scissors, but off both sleeves with one upward cut, leaving you with a rectangular shape.

Unfold the shirt and cut off the collar. Be careful not to cut too wide, or the straps to your tote bag will be too thin!

Cut off the shirt's bottom seam. 

Starting from one end of the bottom of the shirt, make a 2-3 inch cut toward the top of the shirt. Make these cuts every couple of inches all along the bottom of the shirt for a fringe look. 

Turn the shirt inside out.

Tie the strands together to create the bottom of the tote bag! Make sure to tie them tightly so nothing falls out of the bottom of the bag.

Turn the shirt inside out yet again, and the bag is complete! Throw it over your shoulder for a colorful accent to any outfit.

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