If You Love Squishies And Slime, This Is the DIY Project For You

DIY projects are great when it comes to making shelves for your bedroom and organization methods for your makeup, but sometimes the best projects are the ones we do for fun.

And when it comes to fun DIYs, our favorites include art projects like slime and squishy toys, which is what makes this tutorial the perfect 2-in-1.

If you're a fan of one or both of these DIY toys then chances are that you already know, roughly, how to make them. But the fun of this DIY is planning the perfect slime + squishy combo.

Below are various ideas for combining the two different textures into one perfect toy. Scroll below to learn how to make the slime filled squishy of your dreams:

Sweet Treats DIY

This YouTuber shows you how to make a cute kawaii face marshmallow filled with slime as well as a refreshing kawaii pineapple complete with a spikey squishy top. This DIY is giving us quite the sweet tooth.


Starbucks Latte DIY

We love the idea of incorporating a practical slime into your DIY. The slime doubles as the creamy latte within this squishy Starbucks cup. With a little color and confetti you can even transform this DIY into the coveted Unicorn Frap.


Milk and Cookies DIY

Looking to keep your slime and squishy separate? This is a great way to have the best of both worlds in a single toy without worrying about the slime drying out.


Jelly and Milky Slime DIY

Are you jelly of this donut? This no-glue slime DIY gives you variation as the slime has a transparency to it, making it look like real-life jelly oozing out of a very delicious looking donut. Alternatively, the second tutorial creates a milky appearance to the slime perfect for the milk tea boba squishy that it fills to the brim.


Jack-o-lantern Guts DIY

This DIY is perfect for our favorite upcoming fall-iday. This oozing guts slime within a squishy jack-o-lantern makes a great trick and treat party favor for your Halloween guests. Alternatively, make these during a party for some creepy crafty fun.


Obsessed with boba almost as much as this adorable milk tea squishy DIY? Click HERE for a tutorial on how to make your very own rainbow boba at home.