Here's How to DIY This Colorful Unicorn Felt Letter Board

Have you heard? Unicorns are in.

Because we can't get enough of these mystical, magical creatures, I thought why not DIY a project completely centered around them?

Using Aww Sam's DIY Rainbow Felt Letter Board tutorial as guidance, I decided to take my own unicorn-inspired twist on this piece of decor.

Scroll below to see how this felt letter board is made! ✨

Before you begin this enchanting project, you must first gather all your materials. I, unfortunately, had to go to a few different places to round up everything I needed. Here's what you'll want to grab:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Corrugated cardboard—This was not easy for me to find! I went to Michaels and Staples before I found something at Blick Art Materials
  • Unicorn-colored felt sheets—Found at any craft store
  • A picture frame—I chose an 8″ X 10″ frame I found at Michaels
  • Plastic lettering—I used the same ones Aww Sam did, found on Amazon

DIY Felt Board Supplies

Once you've gathered your supplies, you'll want to start by cutting down the size of your cardboard to match the size of your picture frame.

The next step is what I found the most challenging—you'll have to peel off one side of the cardboard so that the corrugated ridges are exposed. This may take a bit of time!

After your cardboard is all prepped, you'll need to cut your felt sheets into strips. I knew that I wanted 10 strips total on my board, and my frame was 10 inches long, so I made each strip around 1.25 inches to give them a little wiggle room when glueing down.

Cutting down felt to the right size

Now comes the fun (and tedious) part. Carefully glue each strip to your corrugated cardboard. Start with a layer of hot glue on each ridge, and then sandwich the felt between each individual ridge.

Step three of making a DIY felt board

It took me about an hour to cover the entire cardboard sheet because I allowed time for each felt sheet to dry before moving on to the next. Be patient during this step! The slower you go, the less likely you will be to make a mistake.

Step two of making a DIY felt board continued

When you've finally glued on all of the felt, first give yourself a pat on the back (this is not easy!), and then, go back and trim off any excess fabric from the sides and top of the board.

After you've cleaned up your board, it's time to remove the glass from your picture frame, and replace it with your felt-covered masterpiece.

It should look a little like this:

DIY felt board in the frame

Now it's finally time to add your letters to your board. Unfortunately, with the type of cardboard I used, the plastic lettering would not stay in place simply by pushing them into the board.

Because I knew what I wanted my letter board to say, I opted to hot glue the letters onto the felt, instead.

Although I won't be able to switch my letters out, I'm still very happy with my outcome????:

Final Prodcut unicorn diy felt letter board

Overall, this project is very fun to make, however, I won't lie to you and say it's easy. It will take you a few hours and a lot of patience.

What I will say is that this DIY felt board is a lot cheaper than going out and buying one. My unicorn-inspired board cost less than $20—what a steal.

Pretty magical, right?


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