DIY Gift Wrap Ideas That Will Dazzle This Holiday Season

Let's be honest—the hardest part of the holidays isn't buying gifts, it's actually wrapping them.

Save yourself the stress by DIYing the most dazzling gift wrap possible this year. Keep scrolling for a few of our faves!

1. Dog & Cat Paper Gift Boxes

These oh-so-adorable gift boxes are the perfect ode to our household pets. I mean, who wouldn't love to receive presents in a dog or cat-shaped box!? Find out how to make them HERE.

Dog and cat paper gift boxes

(via Lines Across)


2. Washi Tape Gift Wrap

You already know how we feel about the many uses of tape. If you don't, just know that it's a gift in itself. Make shapes and designs using Washi tape to jazz up any plain old paper you have lying around. Get a few design ideas HERE.

washi tape gift wrap



3. Chalkboard Gift Wrap

Chalkboard paint is totally a thing, but it's also for wrapping paper! All you'll need is black craft paper, a few white paint markers and THIS tutorial to create an old school (but actually new school) vibe.

Chalkboard gift wrap

(via Going Home to Roost)


4. Atlas Gift Wrap

We have just the paper for the globetrotter in your life. Cut up a few sheets from an atlas or world map and voila! If it doesn't give them even more wanderlust, we don't know what will. Find the full wrapping instructions HERE.
atlas gift wrap

(via A Beautiful Mess)


5. Kraft Paper & Origami Bow Gift Wrap

Tired of your typical wrapping bows? These cool origami ones can be made with almost any kind of paper and will add flair to any simply packaged gift. You can also utilize kraft paper and tape to fit the paper theme. View a few pics for inspo HERE.

kraft paper and origami bow gift wrap

(via Little White Whale)


6. Tartan Gift Wrap

This gift wrap won't just remind you of your favorite winter scarf, it'll accessorize the heck out of your tree, too. Add a few plaid bow ties for extra cuteness using the instructions HERE.

plaid gift wrap

(via Sweet Paul)


7. Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Normally part of an ancient Japanese tradition, this wrapping cloth is super useful for holiday gifts. Using fabric and a few berries, you can whip up a beautifully crafted present in any color of your choosing. Read the full how-to guide HERE.

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

(via Evermine)


8. Potato Stamped Gift Wrap

If you're feeling super creative, try making your own stamps out of potatoes to decorate parcel paper. Simply carve out whatever shape you desire, dip your potato into some acrylic paint and get to stamping! Full instructions can be found HERE.

DIY potato wrapping paper



As gorgeous as your newly wrapped gifts will look under the tree, you'll also want to make THESE food ornaments to spruce things up even more.