Adorable DIY Valentine's Cards For Every Skill Level

With Valentine's Day just 3 days away, we're sure many of you are still on the lookout for that perfect Valentine for friends, family, or maybe even someone special in your life. If you're struggling, you may want to skip store bought cards and try one of these unique DIY Valentine's instead, lending the perfect personal touch and leaving your loved ones totally impressed.

A Valentine's Day Card tutorial  for every skill level

But which of the three should you try? Whether you're a master crafter, occasionally creative or you need something you can easily throw together, we've got a card that's perfect for you.

For the ultra crafty

 Valentine's Day string card tutorial

This easy DIY from Alligator Toe is perfect for lovers of sewing. Embroider a stylish card using a needle and some red thread. 

1. Draw out your heart design. 

2. Use your needle to make small holes along the outline of the heart, plus one hole in the center of the heart. 3.Starting from the back of the card, thread from the center to the outside as pictured

3. Continue until the heart is finished.

4. You can also use this technique to embroider messages or your own unique design.

For the moderately skilled

Fortune Cookie-inspired Valentine's day card diy

Make your own Valentine's Day paper fortune cookies with the help of the tutorial on splashofsomething. All you need is a little bit of double-sided tape and some folding skills.

1. Start with colorfully patterned paper, scrapbooking paper, or even magazine pages cut into 4-5 inch circles.

2. Fold into a gently overlapping tube, like a cannoli

3. Use your double-sided tape to hold it together

4. Gently fold down the middle and bring the points together until it makes a fortune cookie shape. 

5. Hold those ends together with tape.

6. Write any personalized Valentine's message you like on a small strip of paper, slip it inside, and you're done!

For crafting newbies

Fish Bowl Valentine's Day card DIY

For an even sweeter card, make one of these quirky Valentines for your school friends. You can download the fishbowl design directly from iheartnaptime.

1. Print out the fishbowl design here.

2. Cut it out and before signing and write your own message

3. Slip the fishbowl into a clear plastic bag with some fish-shaped candies or crackers.

4. Tie a ribbon around the "lid" for some added style and you're all done

Which card look will you got for? Post a photo of your handmade Valentine's Day cards on Sweety High to show us your own DIY skills!