Nothing says “I love you” better than a gift from the heart.

Sure, you can go to the mall and buy your S.O. a pair of shoes or a cool jacket for Valentine’s Day, and they’ll be happy. But, if you really want to show them the extent of your love, make something from scratch.

A DIY gift is one they’ll remember for years to come, and one they’ll truly cherish. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort into making something handmade, go for it!

Keep reading for five DIY Valentine’s Day gifts your S.O. will absolutely love:


1. A Homemade Scrapbook

If you consider yourself even the teensiest bit artsy, you’ll have a fun time with this project. Head to your local Michael’s or craft store to stock up on goodies. Make sure to get a scrapbook of some sort, colorful paper, stickers and anything else that catches your eye. How you plan to design and format your scrapbook is up to you entirely. Whether you make it a timeline of your relationship, include candid photos or write hand-written letters, your S.O. will absolutely be enamored with this special gift.


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2. A Shadow Box Full of Mementos

Creating your S.O. a shadow box full of memories is the way to go if they’re sappy. If you’ve saved ticket stubs, old receipts, letters or anything else sentimental, they’ll make a great gift. Your S.O. will appreciate that you saved artifacts of your relationship, and they might even shed a tear or two. You can go over each item in the box and reminisce on the event or day of each specific item. All you need to purchase is a shadow box, stickers, glue or tape and decorative lining!


3. ‘Open When’ Letters

Who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten letter? It’s clearly from the heart and shows you put lots of effort into it. And when you do multiple letters—you’ll win girlfriend of the year. The concept of “open when” letters goes like this: You write a series of letters based on emotions or activities your S.O. goes through. For example, you can write “open when” you’re sad, we get in a fight, you’re stressed, it’s your birthday, you need a laugh and more! It’s the gift that keeps on giving and one that they can enjoy throughout the year.

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4. A Map of Your Firsts

For this gift, you’ll have to do a little bit of research. Find out the exact locations of all of your firsts, like where you met, your first date, where you kissed for the first time and more. Once you have the locations nailed down, print out zoomed-in maps. Then, cut those maps into heart shapes and put a cute sticker over the exact locations of your firsts. You can write an accompanying letter explaining each spot, or, just trust that your S.O. will recognize each important place.


5. Alphabet of Your Love

This one will take some brain-power, so if you’re a wordsmith, you’ll appreciate it. The alphabet of your love is pretty much exactly as it sounds. You go through the alphabet starting with the letter A, and describe your partner with a word, phrase or sentence starting with that letter. Make sure you go all the way through Z so that you end up with a total of 26. How you write these are completely up to you. You can either do it all on one paper, or do a separate note card for each letter. Both are super cute and from the heart!

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