5 Types of Vision Boards That Will Manifest Your Goals and Dreams This New Year

Nothing says positive change and goal-setting like the start of a new year.

That means it's definitely the best time to make a vision board. If you've never heard of them, prepare to be amazed.

They're a DIY everyone should do at least once because it's a concrete visualization of your goals and dreams in life. We found a few different types of boards we're totally inspired by and had to share.

Scroll through for our top choices!

1. Inspirational Quote Vision Board

Sometimes, all you need is that little extra push to be up and moving in the morning. Having a board filled with quotes that inspire you will help keep you motivated and remind you that your big plans are 100% achievable. You can find a how-to with printable quotes HERE.

inspirational quote vision board

(via Dawn Nicole Designs)


2. Yearly Goal Vision Board

This board can be a little more tailored to yearly goals rather than life in general. Think of things you want to improve or change in the new year and throw in some images that go along with them. Maybe you want to be more outdoorsy or finally work up the courage to talk to your crush ????. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you choose to include, putting it up on display will help you remember to kick it up a notch this year. Find out how to put one together HERE.

yearly goal vision board

(via A Little Craft in Your Day)


3. Portable Vision Board

This is one of our personal faves because it has all the style, charm and vision of a regular board, but you can take it with you on the go! Fill up a journal with images, writing and magazine clippings that inspire you or seem like things you generally want to attract into your life. Carry it with you wherever you go, you'll love having a portable version of your goals and dreams. Read a guide on how to put one of these together HERE.

portable vision board

(via The Artful Parent)


4. Wall-Style Vision Board

If you really want to take things to the next level, go bold with this wall-style vision board. Choose any blank wall in your room and amp up the concept by making a larger scale version. Decorate and personalize it however you want, but if you need a little inspo, you can find some HERE.

wall-style vision board

(via Sayeh Pezeshki)


5. Canvas Vision Board

Not quite sure about covering your whole wall? This is the perfect compromise. Using this classic version of a vision board means you can hang it anywhere you want. Watch how to put one together below.


Now that you've made the perfect vision board for your room, whip up some additional DIY magic with a few simple glass jars HERE.