8 Cute DIYs to Recycle Your Brown Paper Bags

We try and bring our reusable bags whenever we go to the grocery store or farmers market, but we're not perfect and sometimes we forget.

This is why we still can't seem to get rid of all those extra brown paper bags lying around the house.

We're all about being eco-friendly, so we put together a few of our fave ways to upcycle paper bags. Between book covers and woven baskets, there's a DIY activity for everyone.

Paper bag flower case pink tulips

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1.Wrapping Paper

Flip your paper grocery bag inside out and cut the bag down the middle of each side to flatten it out. Then, get creative and make a design or print on the blank side. Or, you can even leave it black for a super minimal, rustic look. Wrap your gift, and voila—eco-friendly, handmade wrapping paper perfect for personalizing for your bestie!

Paper bag wrapping paper

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Paper Bag Gift Wrapping Paper

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2. A Notebook

Grocery bags are made from paper anyway, so this one totally makes sense. Once you've collected enough grocery bags, stack them together and make a notebook. Use a three-hole punch to create holes, and then thread them together with a string or ribbon. If you want to get fancy, use a button to hide the hole punch. This makes a great homemade birthday gift!

Paper bag recycled notebook

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3. To Wrap Up Flowers

Whether you're giving mom a bouquet of roses for Mother's Day, or want to surprise your BFF with her fave flower for her birthday, use brown grocery bags to wrap up your blooms into a gorgeous, boho bouquet.

Paper bag recycled flower bouquet

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4. As a Book Cover

Why buy a new book cover for your history textbook when you can legit make your own? Good for both your wallet and the planet.

paper bag book cover

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5. Envelopes

Want a fun weekend activity? Why not grab your friends and make your own stationary and DIY envelopes? We love Paper Source's envelope templates and we fully plan on recreating these made out of up-cycled grocery bags.

Paper bag envelopes DIY

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6. Placemats

How sweet is this summertime DIY? Mother's Day may have passed, but we're positive you'll get extra points with mom if you decide to make these DIY paper bag placemats. You can see the full instructions HERE.

DIY Paper bag place mats

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7. Eco-Chic Bouquet of Roses

Sure, we're a sucker for fresh flowers, but we're not mad at these pretty, eco-chic roses either. They'll last a whole lot longer and they're fun to make. Plus, they're super easy! See the full tutorial HERE.

recycled paper bag eco-friendly bouquet flowers

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8. Woven Basket

How simple and sweet is this woven basket? And believe it or not, it's a lot easier to make than you might think! All you really have to do is cut your paper bag into strips, fold them and start weaving. You never know, you might just be weaving palm tree leaves next!

Paper bag recycled woven basket

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Still craving more crafts? Transform an old cardboard box into a cute gift box HERE.