What Does an Alkalized Antioxidant 'Living Water Bottle' Really Do?

The DYLN Living Water Bottle aims to make your drinking water even better for you by transforming ordinary water into alkalized antioxidant water, but does it really work?

DLYN bottle

First, it's important to understand what the bottle actually does. Though the VitaBead Diffuser might seem like a water purifier at first, it's actually dedicated to an antioxidation process. According to DYLN, alkalized (non-acidic) antioxidant water can restore pH balance in your body, hydrate you more effectively than normal water and neutralize damaging free radicals.

The process begins when you fill the bottle. Once poured, you need to wait 15 to 25 minutes for the bottle to work its magic. This can be kind of a pain if you're in a hurry, but it's a pretty big bottle carrying 750 milliliters (or a little over 25 ounces) of water, so patience will pay off.

DLYN bottle replaceable vitabead diffuser

Once that happens, your bottle will be ready and full of tasty alkalized water. While I don't have pH strips to do an actual test on the alkalization of the water, there's a clear difference in the water's flavor after this process. It's got a light, slightly sweet, mineral taste that resembles expensive bottled water. My side-by-side taste test with the pre-alkalized water confirmed the change. While it may be duping me and I can't measurably say that it's made me healthier, I'm pretty convinced it's doing what it claims.

DLYN bottle sustainable bamboo cap and carrying handle

But even if DYlN perfectly antioxidizes the water, is it worth it? They're definitely more pricey than the average water bottle, with the matte finish bottles priced at $46 and the shiny chrome ones at $52. Extra diffusers add an additional cost at one for $10, three for $24 or nine for $68. While the diffusers don't need to be replaced often—the bottle can be refilled about 400 times before replacement—those costs can still add up over time.

Replacing the filter is also a little awkward, as it requires a diffuser removal tool which you must assemble and properly attach to the diffuser to pop it out and replace. It might take a few tries, but you'll get it right eventually. Just don't displace this tool, as it's necessary for making sure your filters are fresh and doing what they set out to do.

DLYN Bottle diffuser removal tool

I personally think that if you're already buying alkalized water by the bottle, a DYLN water bottle is a wise investment. If you're new to the alkaline water thing, test out a bottle and see if you like it, first. Whether or not you get one yourself will depend on how much your care about antioxidants and whether it's in your price range. I plan to keep using mine for a long time.


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