Do Something Awards Honor Awesome Activists!

The Do Something Awards were held last night to award philanthropists from all walks of life, including celebrities including Jennifer Hudson, Patrick Dempsey, and LL Cool J!

Do Something Awards

Hudson received an award as co-founder of the Julian D. King Foundation, which gives school supplies to kids from families who struggle to make ends meet. 

But the night wasn't just to celebrate celebrity activists who've done positive things for the world.

Sasha Fisher, the executive director of SPARK MicroGrants, received an award for supporting poor areas in Africa with grants to support schools, farming, and electricity. As an added bonus, she was presented the award by Glee cutie Darren Criss!

The nights's big winner was Daniel Maree, who won a $100,000 grand prize for his charity, the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.

Also awarded were Ben Simon of the Food Recovery Network,  Lorella Pareli of United We Dream, and Jillian Mourning of All We Want Is L.O.V.E. We love that these amazing humanitarians were all rewarded for their charity!