Kira Kosarin Reveals Her Obsession With BBC's Doctor Who!

It turns out that The Thundermans star Kira Kosarin is a major Whovian! For the uninitiated, that means she's a huge fan of the BBC series Doctor Who, and she's been on Twitter tracking her progression as a Doctor Who devotee since the holidays!kira kosarin doctor who whovian

Doctor Who is a show about a Time Lord called The Doctor who travels through time and space in a machine called the TARDIS, usually with a human companion in tow!

Kira's adventure began with a Tweet on December 27.

"My dad has been watching Doctor Who in the next room for like two days straight and now I can't get the theme song out of my head,"she wrote.

At some point later that day, it appears that Kira joined in for the fun, catching a marathon on BBC America was running during the holiday!

"Just watched @bbcdoctorwho for 6 hours straight," she wrote. "Here's to hoping I don't have weird nightmares of Weeping-Angel-Vampire-Old-People…"

Weeping Angels are statue-like creatures who freeze like statues when they're being watched, but attack as soon as you look away, transporting you into the past!

But it didn't end there. The new year was another Doctor Who binge day!

"Watching just one episode of @DoctorWho_BBCA is like trying to eat just one ritz cracker," she wrote on January 1. "Impossible."

Apparently, Kira's boyfriend, actor Chase Austin, wasn't much of a fan of the show. But that all changed yesterday!

"Let us mark this day in the history books," Kira tweeted. "Today was the day I turned the initially Doctor-Who-hating @ChaseAustin1093 into a Whovian"

As fans of the show, we're excited she was able to convert Chase!

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