Dog and Cheetah BFFs at the San Diego Zoo!

Do you believe in dog and cheetah BFFs? You better believe it! Learn all about their amazing friendship in the video below!

Their friendship was made possible by the Animal Ambassador program at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park!

When the cheetahs are three-months old, they're paired with a six-month-old dog chosen for its friendly demeanor and kindness. From the dog, the cheetah learns to play, and helps it adapt to its unnatural zoo habitat. The dogs seem to calm down the cheetahs and help them live healthier lives!

Sometimes, the cheetahs and dogs can become best friends in less than a week! Other times, it can take up to three months for the pair to become comfortable with each other.

Once that happens, the pair sleep together, play together, and even walk together. It seems the dog and cheetah BFFs are a match made in heaven- although they can never eat together, because they have different diets, and dogs tend to steal food!

The San Diego Zoo has been experimenting with this program for 30 years and it's been super successful!

The cheetahs and dogs even get to take a walk through the zoo together on leashes. It's quite a site to behold for spectators who don't expect to see a cheetah out and about as they stroll through the zoo!