My 15-Year-Old Pup Has Cancer, Here's How I'm Dealing

If there's one thing all dog owners understand, it's that our pups mean everything to us.

I was 10-years-old when my family brought my pup home. She's a Lhasa Apso, and we named her Hailee. My mom didn't tell my dad she had got a dog, and when Hailee came waddling through the door, my dad was livid, to say the least. He didn't like animals and swore then and there that he wouldn't have anything to do with her. But Fast-forward just a few weeks, and we caught the two of them cuddling and playing.

Hailee won over all of our hearts pretty instantaneously. She was rambunctious and full of energy. For basically her entire life she was like that—she acted like a puppy. However, a few months ago, we started noticing a difference in her demeanor.


She wasn't as playful, couldn't jump up onto the couch and slept all the time. It wasn't too long after that, that we found out she had cancer. As I sit here writing this, she's cuddling up next to me, snoring without a care in the world.

Hailee had surgery two weeks ago, and let me say, it was a scary moment for my family. We're all very attached to her. She's our lifeline! But, she made it through the surgery and seems to be doing pretty great.

The only way we've been able to get through this as a family has been a lot of love and laughter. So, if you're going through something similar, you need to find the light and happy in it all. It's the only way you'll be able to be there for your pup and your family members.

For example, our sweet Hailee has been wearing a cone ever since the surgery. It's quite literally the funniest thing I've ever seen. She's constantly running into walls on purpose, trying to figure out a way to get it off. When I'm in the kitchen, I feel the poke of the cone hit my legs because she's waiting for me to drop some food. She even gets stuck in places because she can't figure out how to back out with the cone on her head!


I have countless pictures and videos documenting this time, because I know that we don't have forever with her. Since I've grown up with Hailee during my teen and young adult years, she's been there through it all. The ups, downs and in-betweens.

I wish I could find a way to make her live forever, but since that's not possible, I've decided to enjoy my time left with her. Whether it's more cuddle sessions, taking her on walks (which she now does in a stroller) or sneaking her food under the table, I'm making sure I create memories of my own.

Just remember, if you're going through something similar, you're not alone. It's not a stupid feeling to be sad about an animal, so don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Your feelings are valid!


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