This Dog Invited Himself to a Wedding and Found His Own Lifelong Love

When it comes to weddings, uninvited guests are generally not welcome.

For one special pup, however, crashing a wedding worked in his favor.

At the recent nuptials of Marília Pieroni and Matheus Gomes Martins in Brazil, the couple found their ceremony interrupted by a rather persistent guest. 

Before the wedding even began, a stray dog wandered through the area. Due to his muddy paws and haggard appearance, he was quickly escorted outside. However, the persistent pup wasn't quite ready to give up the spotlight.

In fact, when the bridal chorus began, it was the pup who made his way down the aisle. Once again, he was escorted outside, only to return a third time and plop down for a nap right on the bride's veil!

While some couples might have been angry about the intrusive interruption on their special day, this loving pair embraced the pup, allowing him to stay for the reception, ensuring he was well-fed from the bountiful buffet.

By the end of the night, the couple decided the pup was a necessary addition to their new family. They named their furry friend Snoop, and brought him back to his forever home.

We're sure this trio will live happily ever after, and luckily Snoop is already a part of their wedding pictures!


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