The Doggie School Bus Exists and This Pup Can't Wait to Get On Board

While the start of school might be a bummer for some of us, that is certainly not the case for this adorable pup.

A video posted on Facebook earlier this week shows a darling dog who is bursting with excitement at the thought of boarding his Doggie School Bus.

Doggie School Bus

(via Facebook @DoggieSchoolBus)

The Doggie School Bus program, based in Oregon, is exactly what it sounds like: a bus drives to your house and picks up your dog for a fun-filled day. Judging by this pup's reaction, it's also the greatest thing that's ever happened to dogs.

"Is that your school bus?" the dog's owner asks in the video. The dog only needs a minute to confirm the faint rumble of an engine in the background and then he is sprinting through his house, slipping and sliding on the wood floors, until he reaches the front door. The second the door opens he races to his school bus and hops aboard, ready for a day of adventure.


(via Facebook @DoggieSchoolBus)

We give this pup an A+ for enthusiasm.

Click HERE to see the full video!


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