9 Instagram Captions for Photos of Your Dog

After spending hours snapping pics of your pup, you've finally gotten the perfect shot. You've edited it expertly and are ready to post, but what should you caption your masterpiece?

Keep scrolling for some inspiration for your next Instagram captions!

For a pic of your dog giving major sass face:

"I've got a bone to pick with you."



For a pic of your pup sunbathing by the pool:

"Life's ruff."



For the pic of you and your pup snuggled up in bed:

"Happiness is a warm puppy."

-Charles M. Schulz

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For the pic of your fur baby prancing through nature:

"Sometimes you've got to paws and smell the roses."



For the pic of your pup doing something like a person

"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog."

-Peter Steiner


For the pic of your doggie in a costume/outfit:

"Ready to pawty."



For your pup with all her doggie friends:

"With the pack at my back, we can take on any attack!"



For your puppy in the bathtub:

"Rub a dub dub, cute pup in a tub!"



For your dog doing a cute wink:

"Dog tip No. 4: wink at your owner for extra treats."



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