This Dog Is on a Rescue Mission to Save Every Stranded Earthworm

Dogs are known for being especially loving companions, but one caring little pup takes her naturally considerate attitude to a whole new level.

Holliday, a German Shepherd Border Collie mix, has decided that it is her personal responsibility to save every earthworm in her path during her walks.

The warmhearted pup keeps a watchful eye out for earthworms that are stranded on the hot pavement. When she spots one, she excitedly runs over, gently picks up the earthworm with her mouth and carefully moves her new friend to the safety of the grass.

Her owner, Caitlyn Beebe, can only assume that Holliday learned the unique behavior from Caitlyn's mother, who would practice the same habit during Holliday's walks as a puppy. Apparently, her altruistic nature rubbed off on Holliday, and now the kindhearted pup refuses to give up her life-saving behavior.

Click HERE to see the full video of Holliday's rescue missions!


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