Dog With a Blog Internet Safety Episode!

Who's ready for some Dog With a Blog internet safety?

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Next week's episode of Dog With a Blog, called "My Parents Posted What?!" is all about using caution on social networking. It debuts on August 11 at 8p.m.

For the episode, the Disney Channel teamed up with Common Sense Media to highlight the importance of thinking things through before you post anything on social media networks.

Avery's parents learn that Avery has created a Buddy Bop social media account, even though they've forbidden it. To teach her a lesson, they post photos and videos of themselves on Avery's account to embarrass her.

When the two finally realize how embarrassing their posts might be not just for Avery, but for them as well, it's too late, and all of Avery's fans have already seen her profile!

We can't wait to see what Avery and her family will do to solve their dilemma!

Though Dog With a Blog is a comedy, it also teaches some important life lessons as well.

The episode seeks to show kids the dangers of posting anything without weighing out the consequences. We think that's advice everyone should take into account!