This Dog Wasn't Going to Let Hurricane Harvey Affect His Food Supply

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texas residents affected by the storm found a beacon of hope in one very resourceful dog.

While checking on the damage to her family home during the storm, Tiele Dockens, a resident of Stinton, Texas, posted a photo to her Facebook of an adorable pup carrying an entire bag of dog food down the street.

Concerned for the pup's safety, Tiele followed the dog until he eventually returned home.

It turns out the golden retriever mix was named Otis, and he had been frightened away from his home by the storm. In his four-hour expedition, Otis made his way to the lumberyard down the street, knowing that they sold dog food. He grabbed a bag for himself and carefully made his way back home to the loving arms of his owner!

Otis' problem-solving attitude has become a symbol of the strength and resilience of all Texans, especially during this difficult time.

Click HERE to see more about Otis' inspiring resourcefulness.


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