These Eye-Catching Lyrics From Doja Cat's New Planet Her Album Make Amazing Instagram Captions

Doja Cat just released her third studio album, Planet Her, and if you love the singer-songwriter's sleek raps, versatile voice and spicy lyrics, this album is going to push all your buttons.

Featuring chart-topping singles including "Kiss Me More," "You Right" and "Need to Know," this album distills everything that makes Doja Cat's fans adore her. If you're among them, keep reading for our favorite lyrics from the album to try out as your next Instagram caption.

For posting you hottest selfie and trying to attract the object of your affections:

"Let me be your woman. I can be your woman."


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For when you're not sure if your new fling is a good idea:

"I feel like I'm attached. Should've never kissed you back."

-"I Don't Do Drugs"


For when you need fortune-telling to figure out what happens next:

"I need a answer, a reader of more tarots."



For the pic of you and your BFFs looking amazing in your best outfits:

"You just wanna ball out in designer with your best friends."

-"Get Into It (Yuh)"


For the pic that shows you content with what you have:

"Said, everything that I want, I don't need it. I got it already"



For when you're afraid you've been way too obvious around your crush:

"And it don't work, you see through that I just want to get with you."

-"You Right"

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For when you're feeling extra emotional:

"I'm out my mind. Doesn't make sense when I cry."



For that photo of you being the head honcho:

"I mean I could be the leader, head of all the states."



For when you want to express that you've meant everything you've said so far:

"I don't play with my pen. I mean what I writе."

-"Need to Know"


For the love that makes your opportunities feel endless:

"It could feel like anything is possible. When I hear you speak, it really drives it deep."

-"Love to Dream"


For the photo of you and your friends being unashamed to be powerful women who lift each other up:

"They wanna pit us against each other when we succeed."



For when you wish that person would just make the first move:

"We could kiss and just cut the rubbish."

-"Kiss Me More"

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For when you simply can't get someone off your mind:

"I can't stop and look the other way."

-"You Right"


For when you're single and thriving:

"Is it crazy I'm not scared to be alone?"



For the pic of you and your very loving boyfriend:

"Call him Ed Sheeran, he in love with my body."

-"Get Into It (Yuh)"


For when you want to brag about your accomplishments:

"I never been more proud. Need more light on me. Shine on me. This my final form."



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