These Fantastic Items Will Have You Dashing to Your Nearest Dollar Store ASAP

Ah, the dollar store—our go-to for all of our fave sugary beverages, disposable holiday decor and household items for mom.

But if ya dig deep enough, you'll uncover much more than the aforementioned.

We recently ventured through a 99 Cents Only store in Los Angeles, where we found some serious gems that could have easily been overlooked if we hadn't used our eagle eyes to search. Don't believe us? Scroll below, and we'll have you spilling out the pennies from your piggy bank in no time!

1. Disney Christmas Stockings

It's hard to believe it's almost holiday season, right? Once we get through Halloween next week, we are quickly on to stocking-stuffing—and what better way for mom and dad to pile on the treats than in these adorbs Disney-themed stockings? From Mickey and Minnie to our fave Disney princesses, get into the holiday spirit with these 99-cent decorations.

Disney princess and Mickey and Minnie holiday stockings from the Dollar Store

2. Perfect Bacon Bowl

Our mouths are watering just thinking about savory, red bacon strips. And thanks to a particular As Seen On TV product, we can create what is known as a Perfect Bacon Bowl, throwing any ol' ingredients inside that we want. While we have yet to test out this bad boy, we have a hunch it is nothing short of pure magic.

Bacon Bowl from the Dollar Store

3. Kitten Backpack

Cue the awws. We couldn't believe our eyes (or price tag!) when we saw this astonishingly adorable kitten backpack. We know you already have your go-to sack for school, but for just a buck, snag this purrfect backup in case ya feel like switching things up from time to time.

Kitty Cat backpack from the Dollar Store

4. Lisa Frank Coloring Books

You already know our love for all things Lisa Frank runs deep, so you can imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon these coloring books for a whopping 99 cents each. Bust out your crayons and stay between the lines!

Lisa Frank coloring books from the Dollar Store

5. High School Musical 2 and Camp Rock Activity Books

Once you're done coloring away with your fave Lisa Frank objects, you can stay occupied flipping through the pages of these vintage HSM 2 and Camp Rock activity books. We've searched far and wide for these collectors items featuring our fave former Disney stars (The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, to name a few), so you better believe we're stoked to snag these at just a dollar each!

High School Musical 2 and Camp Rock activity books from the Dollar Store

6. Emoji Plates

If you've been keeping up, then you know we failed at an attempt to stop using emojis for a week. That said, seeing a whole batch of paper plates devoted to our fave little animated icons had us doing major ????????????. Become the most popular party host ever by serving up these adorable meal accompaniments at your next shindig. 

Emoji paper plates from the Dollar Store

7. Butterfinger Drinking Glass

Bart Simpson used to love saying, "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!" And now you can use the same slogan to keep people away from your fave candy bar's drinking glass. We'll clink to that!

Butterfinger cup from the Dollar Store

8. Hello Kitty Puzzle

If the above-mentioned backpack isn't enough to satisfy your adoration for cats, allow us to present you with this Hello Kitty puzzle. And it's not just any puzzle. It's a sophisticated Colorform puzzle with pieces cut from colored vinyl sheeting that cling to a smooth backing surface without adhesives. Although the price is technically listed as $1.99, we must agree with its label—it's an "amazing new value!" 

Hello Kitty puzzle from the Dollar Store


Getting rare items for a dollar is amazing, but even better? Doing things for free! In honor of World Smile Day, we came up with THIS list of things you can do at no cost to put a smile on someone else's face.