Dolphins Take the Mirror Test- Video Pick Of the Day!

Most animals don't really get mirrors. Most pets, including dogs and cats, usually don't even notice mirrors. Watch below as dolphins take the mirror test.

Dolphins take the mirror test!

Dolphins are pretty smart. What do you think the results will be?

It turns out that dolphins are one of the only animals that can recognize themselves in mirror.

For many many years, human beings thought of themselves as the only thinkers of the animal kingdom.

"Now we know we're amongst many thinking species, " says dolphin researcher Diana Reiss.

Now that scientists understand that dolphins are intelligent and complex creatures, they ask not whether they think, but how they think.

"It looks like they're doing a lot of things very similar to us," Reiss says. Dolphins not only recognize themselves in the mirror, but are curious about how they look. They'll do flips and blow bubbles, all while looking in the mirror, because they want to see how it looks from another perspective!

Some animals pay a lot of attention to mirrors, but only because they think they're seating another one of their species on the other side of the glass.

Dolphins can recognize themselves in mirrors starting at about the same age human toddlers do, at 1 1/2 years. These similarities have led many scientists to believe that dolphins have an intelligence nearly rivaling a human's!

Other animals understand mirrors, too. This includes elephants, apes, and crows! We think other animals can learn something from watching dolphins take the mirror test!

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