10 Playful Insta Captions for the Sports Game You Don't Actually Care to Watch

Just because you're forced to go to a sports game or watch one on TV doesn't mean you actually care.

Completely indifferent about the outcome of the match? For every one of those moments, try one of these silly Instagram captions for your pics of the event.

For when you're not invested in either side but you're trying to enjoy yourself anyway:

"I just hope both teams have fun."

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For when you're cheering along with everyone else and you're not even really sure how the game works:

"Do the thing. Win the points."


For those moments when your loyalty is driven entirely by team colors and mascots you prefer:

"I support whichever team has the cuter mascot."


For when you care so little that you're not even sure what sport you're watching:

"I can't get enough of sportsball."


For that game-defining moment that you couldn't care less about:

"Y'all seem stressed."


For when you're imagining the game as a quidditch match so that you can keep at least some level of interest:

"I'm rooting for Gryffindor."


For the photo of you sitting and looking bored while the sports fans around you go wild about something:

"I have no idea what's happening right now."


For when you're just following along with the crowd:

"What color are we rooting for?"


For the pic of you blending in with the jersey someone bought for you, despite your lack of commitment to either team:

"Day three and they still haven't noticed…"


For when you're feeling super grumpy about being forced to watch the game:

"I hope both teams lose."

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