5 Things to Do If You Don't Like Your BFF's New S.O.

When it comes to dating someone, you're not only in a relationship with them, but with their whole network of friends and family.

Part of growing up means we get to see our friends date some amazing people, and some total losers. It's hard to get past bad feelings for a bestie's new S.O., and the last thing you probably want to do is start a bad rift. Are you on the fence about your friend's new boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you wanting to make your relationship with them better?

Keep reading for the five things to do if you don't like your BFF's new S.O.:

1. Spend More Time With Your BFF One-on-One

If you truly don't get along with your BFF's new partner, make sure to set aside some one-on-one time for the two of you. Express interest in their new relationship, but don't make the whole day all about them. Be sure to discuss other things and focus on having meaningful conversations. By spending some time together when it's just the two of you, perhaps it will give you more insight into why they're into this new person.

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2. Focus on the New S.O.'s Best Quality

For whatever reason you may not like the new S.O., instead of constantly hyper-focusing on that, focus on their best quality. Whether they're attentive, caring, social or something else, by focusing on their positive traits, it'll enable your mind to open up. Don't automatically shut this person down, but rather, be sure to give them a fighting chance to get your trust and approval.


3. Pay Attention to How the New S.O. Treats Other People

You can tell a lot about another person by how they treat others. If their attitude is downright negative or rude, it's probably safe to assume that's how they treat your friend. If they're nice and considerate however, they're likely a decent person. It's honestly about the little things, so pay attention to how they communicate with other people, because it will reveal a lot about them and their personality.


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4. Think of How Your Friend Talks About Their New Partner

Think back on all the meaningful discussions you've had with your friend about their new boyfriend or girlfriend. Do they tell you about the ways they're falling in love? The little things they get spoiled with? Or do they come to you complaining, and asking for advice on how to deal with a jealous partner? If it's the former, your BFF is probably in a super healthy spot. If it's the latter, however, be sure to keep a close eye on your bestie and their well-being.


5. Decide If Your Reasoning for Not Liking Them Is Valid

Do you have a specific reason as to why you don't like your friend's new S.O., or is it more of just a bad vibe? Whatever the reason may be, truly ruminate over it and consider whether your basis for not liking them is actually valid. If it's their mannerisms, the way they talk or some other little thing, you should probably let it go. But if it's the way they treat others or some other ill-defining trait, your reason is totally legit.


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