Meet the Donug, a Donut-Inspired Chicken Nugget, Because All Things Are Possible

Food has become like suckers—there's one born every minute. Thanks to the culinary creativity of an Australia-based couple, the Donug has come to be.

What, exactly, is a Donug, you ask? Well, the name offers a big hint—it's a cross between a donut and a chicken nugget. As the company puts it, a Donug is "a completely savoury product made from chicken, our unique and top-secret flour and spice mix… and a crunchy panko and cornflake crust."

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Don't think the meat and crust is all there is to it, though. You can get sauce with your Donug, and the options sound pretty decadent. The signature is a cheesy dijon bechamel with chili flakes and black salt, and other options include Japanese curry sauce with mozzarella or hot chili sauce, according to the U.K.'s Evening Standard.

Unfortunately, Donugs are hard to come by right now because they're only available in Melbourne, Australia. The good news, though, is that creators Crag Carrick and Rachel Dutton have big plans and momentum. The husband-wife duo appeared in a recent episode of Australia'Shark Tank and secured an investment of $100,000 with the goal of expanding internationally, according to

Keep an eye out—if Donugs take off like Crag and Rachel hope they will, you'll have a chance to try them some day soon. In the meantime, there are plenty of other food crosses to keep you busy and full.


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