11 Delicious Captions for Every Pic of a Donut You Post to Instagram

Donuts are an iconic dessert, not only because they're sweetly irresistible, but also because they're so Instagrammable.

The next time you can't help but snap a photo of your totally adorable donut, don't be afraid to post it to Instagram—and use one of these captions to sweeten the deal.

For the photo of you sharing a big pink box of donuts with your bestie:

"You are the sprinkles to my donut."


For the pic of you looking through the hole of the donut like an eyepiece:

"The optimist sees the donut. The pessimist sees the hole."

For that donut that feels like it's making all your troubles melt away:

"Donut worry, be happy."


For the donut shop pic showing off their amazing variety of flavors:

"Eat more hole foods."


For the goofy pic of you wearing a donut around your finger like a blingy ring:

"Put a ring on it."


For the photo of you drooling over a classic Simpsons pink donut with sprinkles:

"Mmmmm… donuts."

-Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

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For the selfie of you eating a donut while wearing yoga pants:

"Abs are cool, but have you ever tried donuts?"


For when you're trying to kid yourself that you're actually eating healthy:

"The bigger the Cheerio, the better it tastes."


For the pic of you chowing down on a glazed donut:

"You drive me glazy."


For that beautiful pile of perfectly round donuts:

"A well-rounded breakfast."

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For the pic of you gleefully enjoying a plate of donut holes:

"I love donuts a hole lot."


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