The Dos and Don'ts of Being a Successful Virgo

Virgo's analytic nature, powerful work ethic and perfectionism give the sign a reputation for being born for success.

Of course, those very same traits can sometimes hold Virgo back and prevent them from reaching their goals in unexpected ways. But, the better the sign understands themselves and where they fall short, the better they can make the adjustments they need to achieve their dreams. Whether you're a noble Virgo yourself or are simply looking out for one, here are all of the things the sign needs in order to be successful.

DO Maintain Work-Life Balance

When we hear the phrase "all work and no play," Virgo immediately springs to mind. The sign can get so caught up in things like academics and other duties that they can forget that other aspects of their lives, like rest and social time, are also important. In fact, they'll often happily take on additional projects, overloading their schedules, when they'd be much better off saying no. If this is you, try scheduling mandatory "you" time every day, where you're not allowed to work on other things, and you may be surprised at how much better you'll feel (and operate).

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DON'T Get Hung Up on All the Tiny Details

Virgos are the nit-pickers of the zodiac, getting hung up on tiny details that no one else is likely to ever notice or see. While it's sometimes important to be able to catch things that others miss, most of the time, it'll just be a huge waste of your time and mental energy. It's not easy, but learning to let small things go will be of huge benefit. Deciding what's really important, and what's not, will help you invest your brainpower in the things that really matter, and help you make more of an impact for yourself overall.


DO Give Yourself a Break

Virgo can be their own worst critic, overthinking pretty much every one of their actions, imagining the better way they could have handled a situation way after the fact or ruminating over mistakes that are over and done with. Before you start beating yourself up, first consider what it will achieve. Maybe you messed up in a small way you can learn from, and you can think about how to better handle that situation from here on out, but once you've done that, feel free to move on. If it's not actually helpful to go over what happened, again and again, attempt to move forward rather than keeping yourself in place with it.

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DON'T Attack People for Their Mistakes

We mentioned that Virgos are their own worst critics—but they can also be pretty harsh critics of others when they don't watch themselves. The sign sets high standards for everyone in their lives, and since they are so careful with everything they do, they don't have a high tolerance for others being careless or negligent. However, Virgos need to consider that everyone makes mistakes, and since most people aren't so exacting, they may be slightly likely to make more of them. If you're a Virgo, try practicing forgiveness first, and you'll likely come out much happier on the other end.


DO Ask for Help

Virgo will almost always try to do something on their own—even if they desperately need assistance—because they dislike not being the best or most knowledgeable, and they can be distrusting of other people's abilities. That's why group projects are their worst nightmare. However, they should recognize that it's impossible to know everything all of the time. Being able to ask for help is actually a symbol of strength and humility, allowing you to obtain new skills and knowledge while recognizing someone else's. It'll only improve your life, so don't be afraid.

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DON'T Make Everything Your Responsibility

Virgos, we are begging you not to keep taking on every possible responsibility and shoving more and more onto your plate. Just because you're very organized and see the inner workings of everything going on in your life, and the lives of those around you, doesn't mean you need to take control of all of those things and try to steer them in the right direction. It may seem like a noble pursuit, but in the end, trying to tackle so much will only cause you unneeded stress, and make it harder for you to actually put energy into the things that really do matter. Before you commit yourself, consider whether it really is your responsibility, if it's productive and how much joy it'll bring to your life to do so.


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