Relationship Experts Share DOs and DON'Ts of Grooming for a First Date Via FaceTime

Primping for an in-person first date is tough enough, and getting ready for a first date via FaceTime brings on a whole new set of challenges. Plus, thanks to what's been brought on by coronavirus, the latter seems to be the new normal (for now, at least).

Many of the hair, makeup and outfit rules that would adamantly be followed in the flesh don't apply when it comes to virtual dating. But then there's that grey area, too. You don't want to slum it up, but you also don't want to look too overprepared.

To address everyone's confusion, we reached out to Lauren Rosenberg and Jaydi Samuels Kuba, co-owners of exclusive LJMatchmaking company in Los Angeles. Keep reading for their DOs and DON'Ts of grooming for a first date via FaceTime (or Zoom, or other video chat app).


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DO brush your hair. We might be living in a cave right now, but we aren't cavewomen! — JSK

DO wear your hair down. And if you have to put it up, half-up-half-down > ponytail > bun > mullet, unless you're Miley Cyrus. — LR

DO cheat your hair to the side if you're opting for a ponytail. It's tougher to perceive depth through a computer screen, so if your hair is completely behind you, it might look as if you don't have much of it. — JSK

DON'T stress about using heated hair tools. Allow your hair to take a break from the damage of a blow dryer or straightener during this time, and embrace beachy waves, a sleek ponytail, or even do-it-yourself braids. Kelsey Gusto and Sydne Summer on Insta have some great video tutorials on heat-free styles. — LR

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DO wear a natural or flattering lip color. Need help? The Pinterest app has a "Try On" feature in their search bar. — JSK

DO channel your inner Stefani Germanotta, rather than your inner Lady Gaga. A bold look that might wow out to dinner might look as if you're trying too hard at home. — JSK

DO apply a pop of color on your eyes. Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow pencil can function as a thick eyeliner or eye shadow and is easy to apply. It's a minimal effort, maximum reward ratio befitting of quarantine. — LR

DON'T forget about your brows. Over video especially, they can really help frame your face. Some of our clients who have grown theirs out in quarantine are embracing the natural bushy look and may not go back. — LR

DON'T underestimate mascara. If you do nothing else, it'll help draw attention to your eyes. One of our clients introduced me to Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara, which gives you serious stay-all-day dramatic length, definition and curl. — JSK

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DO wear tinted moisturizer to help even out your skin tone. You want to show off multiple colors of your personality, not your face! — JSK

DO blot your face beforehand if you have a tendency to get oily. Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD loose powder is my absolute favorite, can't-live-without it product. — JSK

DON'T stress about your skin if your date is over Zoom. They offer a "touch up my appearance" feature to help soften your look and smooth out blemishes. There are also virtual backgrounds you can select if you don't love the look of your home or bedroom.

DON'T neglect your skin care regimen. After all, you have way more time on your hands now to experiment with masks, exfoliants, night creams, acne treatments and so on. Give those products that may be collecting dust in your bathroom some love. — LR

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DO wear a flashy accessory. A great conversation piece is always really helpful when you run out of TikTok videos to discuss. — JSK

DO wear black because it's slimming—or red because studies show people are more likely to view you as attractive. — JSK

DO dress comfortably. If you feel relaxed in your quarantine chic, it will shine through in your personality. — JSK

DO wear a bra. It's an extra step in quarantine, but a little perk helps more than just personality! — JSK

DO wear presentable bottoms. It's tempting not to since you'll likely only be seen from the waist-up, but what happens when they want a tour of your kitchen? — JSK

DO light a candle. It'll smell great and help you feel more relaxed. Tip: Stone Candle Bar in California has a great, reasonable selection of eco-friendly coconut wax options. — JSK

DON'T wear PJs. You want proof you actually changed from the night before.

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