's "Don't Be a Sucker" Stops Energy Vampires!

The results from's "Don't Be a Sucker Campaign" are in, and it was a huge success!

According to a source from Do Something, the campaign had 29,719 students from 8,021 schools across the country participate.

The campaign encouraged students to unplug appliances that weren't being used, and were just sitting thereturned off and sapping up energy!

Altogether, a total of 1,228,360 kWh were saved due to their efforts. That's enough electricity to power 130 houses for a year, just by unplugging those appliances in the off-position!

Check out the graphic from that gives tips on saving energy!'s Tips To Save Energy!


Sweety High had a contest in conjunction with called "Power Down" and gave some cool eco-friendly prizes to girls who were doing great things to save energy! We can't wait until our next collaborative effort with them!