This Classic Nickelodeon Revival Might Just Make You Fall in Love With Game Shows

There hasn't been—and will never be—a better game show on earth than Nickelodeon'Double Dare. 

Running from 1986-1993, the show was often messy, sometimes disgusting and always hilariously entertaining. By competing through rounds of trivia and physical challenges, contestants were given the chance to win cash and other prizes… and indulge their desire to get a little messy. I mean, we all know how much Nickelodeon loves their slime.

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Winning Double Dare was the ultimate goal for '90s kids everywhere, and now a whole new generation of youngsters will have the chance to experience its ridiculous challenges

Nickelodeon just announced they're bringing back the classic game show for 40 all-new episodes in a Double Dare revival that premieres this summer!

The network already confirmed that some of the best-loved elements of the show will return for the 2018 revival, including the human hamster wheel, the gigantic mouth and the snot-filled Double Dare nose.

An exact premiere date hasn't yet been announced, but we can't wait to tune back into one of our all-time favorite game shows.


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