11 Celebs You Totally Forgot Guest Starred On 'Austin & Ally'

Tbh, life hasn't been the same since Austin & Ally ended earlier this year?. In an effort to cheer ourselves up, we rewatched every single episode, and through our cray binge watching, we discovered something so mind blowing….eleven celebs that we all know and love totally guest starred on the show! Get ready to be uh-mazed by the big stars you may have overlooked.



Guest: Sabrina Carpenter

Episode: "Moon Week & Mentors" – Remember this one?! Austin and Ally are guest judges on a singing competition America's Top Talent. Sabrina plays the hilarious character, Lucy, who Ally tries to transform into a star ?. Is it just us, or is Sabrina barely recognizable??



Guest: Sofia Carson 

Episode: "Princesses & Prizes" – Remember how Austin is auctioned off on a date for charity? Sofia Carson's character, Chelsea, places the highest bid and (no surprise here) Ally gets ~totally~ jealous ?.



Guest: Veronica Dunne

Episode: "Costumes & Courage" – In this spooktacular episode, Veronica drops in to play Emily, Trish's newest boss, at the Halloween-itorium. Let's be real though, she was probs only Trish's boss for a matter of hours.



Guest: Grace Phipps

Episode: "Directors & Divas" – Grace plays Brandy Braxton a super dramatic and beyond hilarious actress who is starring in the movie The Pilot and the Mermaid with Austin. We're a little jealous that she got to play a mermaid…


Guest: Jet Jurgensmeyer

Episode: "Big Dreams & Big Apples" – Austin meets Jet's pesky character Stevie while rushing to get to New York City to perform in front of the ball drop on New Year's in Times Square.



Guest: Becky G. (as herself!)

Episode: "Dancers & Ditzes" –  Becky G. plays her *flawless* self as a performer at the Miami Video Music Awards. Ally obviously is having a lil bit of a fangirl moment here:



Guest: Audrey Whitby

Episode: "Bloggers & Butterflies"Audrey plays Tilly Thompson a blogger who posts realllllly embarrasing photos of Austin on her site Miami H8ter Girl. Let's just say we personally would never want to mess with Audrey's character ?.



Guests: Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan 

Episode: "Duos & Deception" – This could quite possibly be one of our fave episodes because Dove and Ryan play Bobbie and Billie ?, a brother and sister singing group, who come to the A&A Music Factory to perform with the students. We think this is a great look for them.



Guest: Maddie Ziegler 

Episode: "Homework & Hidden Talents"Maddie plays Shelby, a girl who's living in the shadow of her older sister, Violet (ughh not cool). Ally tries to teach Shelby to play the violin, but it turns out she's an insanely good dancer. Obvi, it's Maddie Ziegler, after all!



Guest: Rico Rodriguez

Episode: "Burdens & Boynado" – We saved the best for last. Are you ready for this…Rico Rodriquez who just happens to be the brother of Raini (AKA Trish), plays Benny, an Austin Moone impersonator in this episode. Blonde wig and all! Do you see the resemblance?!



Feeling ALL the feels right now because we miss this show so much. If you're right there with us, let's just take a sec to remember all the important life lessons this show taught us HERE.