Dove Cameron Asks Fans To "Be the Light" for ChooseKindness!

Dove Cameron is the latest Disney Channel star to speak out for the #ChooseKindness campaign, asking her fans to "be the light"!

"As you may have heard, October is bullying prevention month," she wrote. "As someone who was bullied all throughout school, this cause is very near and dear to my heart, and I feel honored that I am in a position to help spread the word about this incredible message."

She also urged fans to treat every day of the year like an anti-bullying day.

"Join me and #ChooseKindness, but not just for the month of October," she said. "#ChooseKindness every day. You'll be amazed at what it does, not only for your relationships and community, but also for your soul."

Dove's #ChooseKindness shirt reads "Be the light," and those are words she lives by.

"My personal mantra has always been: "Be the light." So that's what I'm asking you to do," she continues. "Join me in being the light. In your family, in your school, in your community. Be the light in all things, and fill the world with light and positivity. It starts with us. #BeInspired"

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