How to Get Dove Cameron's New Purple-Pink Hair

Dove Cameron might be the poster child for long platinum blonde locks, but that didn't stop her from taking lavender pink strands for a test drive!

The Disney star and soon-to-be Broadway musical performer debuted the softest shade of pastel lavender with a tinge of pink, and we're swooning over this gorgeous color. She first shared a video on Instagram with her hair pulled back in braids, accompanied by a smirk on her face.

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Itching to take the pastel plunge yourself? Us, too—so we tapped Dove's hair colorist, Los Angeles-based celebrity colorist and Redken brand ambassador Cassondra Kaeding at 454 North Salon, who gave us the lowdown on how to achieve this soft hue.


Sweety High: How did you create Dove Cameron's new hair color?

Cassondra Kaeding: To create this color, I had to highlight Dove's natural color and lift her to a light baby blonde. Once the hair was lightened to this desired level I applied the custom pastel pink vivid color formula I created for her from her roots to ends, applied on rough dried hair.


SH: What colors did you use?

CK: I used a combination of Redken City Beats East Village Violet and City Ballet Pink.


SH: How long did you leave this on for?

CK: I applied the color and let it sit for 20 minutes, and then rinsed it out. Always apply the color after the shampoo and conditioner so the vivid color will stay fresh for longer.


SH: How light was Dove prior?

CK: Dove's natural level is a dark blonde, so I lifted her with balayage highlights to a light blonde. Since she is naturally pretty light, the process was really easy and not damaging on her hair. Let your colorist know you're thinking about doing a fun vivid color. It can be a long process depending on how dark or light your natural hair color is. The darker you are, the longer the process will take. Also know that this is a lot of work for a color that may only last 1-3 weeks.


SH: How do you maintain it?

CK: Once you have the desired vivid color, you may have to do a color wash once a week to keep the color fresh and vibrant. You will also want to go longer between shampoos. Some clients will wait 3-6 days before they wash their hair.


SH: Will it wash out quickly?

CK: Vivid colors are not permanent so they can wash out very quickly every time you shampoo your hair. To preserve the color, ask your colorist about a color depositing shampoo and conditioner. If your color is custom like the one I created for Dove, you can ask for a conditioner wash. This is the vivid color mixed with a conditioner. It's really easy for clients to apply on wet hair and use when you feel like you need a little refresh.


SH: Anything else we should know?

CK: The process is expensive. Just know this is a color that will have you visiting the salon more than normal. To achieve this color you need to lighten your hair, which can cause dryness, and possibly some breakage, depending on how long you keep the vivid color.


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