Dove Cameron Fangirls For David Tennant & Reveals Fav Emojis

Big news for Liv and Maddie fans! Last week, it was announced that the show got picked up for a 3rd season, so star Dove Cameron, who plays both Liv and Maddie Rooney on the show, took to Twitter to answer fan questions. Here are some of our favorite things we learned about Dove!

Her favorite emojis (the cutest ones are all there!)

@AwardsForGrande @DoveCameron favourite emojis? LivandMaddieSoundtrack<span class=" my top ones arehehehehe" width="639" height="378" />

Dove quotes French enlightenment philosopher Voltaire like it's nbd

niamhmaireadxo LivandMaddieSoundtrack what is your favourite quote? Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.Voltaire

She has equal love for dogs and cats (us too!)

dove cameron <span class="@HeyyImMichelle- @DoveCameron #LivandMaddieSoundtrack dogs or cats?" BOTH. I love aminals." width="638" height="344" />

Dove's three words for her dovelies are Love, Light and Loyal 

dove cameron <span class="@RitaMusic143- @DoveCameron How would you describe your dovelies in 3 words? We love you. #LivandMaddieSoundtrack" Love, Light, Loyal." width="638" height="411" />

She's not afraid to admit she's no cook

dove cameron <span class="@RitaMusic143- are you a good cooker? #LivandMaddieSoundtrack" no. I'm terrible at cooking. But I bake is it any good @ryanmccartan?" width="638" height="377" />

Dove dreams of meeting David Tennant AKA the 10th Doctor. Swoon.

dove cameron <span class="@skaijacksfans- @DoveCameron what celebrity are you dying to meet one day? #LivandMaddieSoundtrack" DAVID TENNANT. Ugh." width="638" height="378" />

We didn't expect that Dove would love to collaborate with Macklemore… but on second thought their music would be amazing

dove cameron <span class="@SupportingSab- #LivandMaddieSoundtrack who would you want to do a duet with?" Id love to work with @macklemore. Fellow seattle love" width="638" height="377" />

Inspiration time! Dove's favorite singer is Christina Aguilera and her favorite actress is Jessica Lange

dove cameron <span class="bmldevonne DoveCameron LivandMaddieSoundtrack who is your favorite actor actress? Singer xtina actressJessica Lange" width="638" height="377" />

Catch even more on Dove on her Twitter @DoveCameron, and join our Liv and Maddie fan community at!