7 Reasons Dove Cameron Is Our Flawless Woman Crush Wednesday

Dove Cameron's talents stretch WAY beyond just playing Liv and Maddie. From making us think she's a  real twin to forming the cutest couple band ever and playing the daughter of one of Disney's most sinister villains, she's done it all, and that's why she's our Woman Crush Wednesday this week. She's definitely talented enough for two!

1. Dove plays Liv AND Maddie… or so they say. She's so good that we're still not entirely convinced that Dove Cameron doesn't have a secret twin.

2. We already had an unhealthy obsession with Maleficent before Dove was her daughter Mal in Descendants. Mal was exactly the flawed, rebellious villain-turned hero we've been waiting for our entire lives, and Dove played her to perfection.

3. We ship Dove and her boyfriend Ryan McCartan harder than anyone, and it's not just because of the beautiful music they make together. Not only do we want to invent a time machine to steal their band name, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, but if you haven't listened to "Written In the Stars" yet, it'll change your life.


4. And if that wasn't enough, Dove can dance to just about anything. Is that even fair?

5. And Dove and Ryan were TEAM ROCKET for Halloween!

 6. Dove spent part of her childhood in France and is totally fluent in French. Nous aimons Dove!
7. And we never thought we'd say this, but this Insta caption should be EVERYONE's life mantra.


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