We Tried Dove's New Chocolate-Dipped Gelato Bars, and They're as Good as They Sound

I'm always up for trying new ice cream and gelato creations, and Dove's recent line of indulgent gelato bars is no exception.

The new bars were designed to be a more elegantly decadent take on the ice cream classic, so when I was asked to review them, I was more than happy to taste test the new flavors and find out if they were as good as they sound. I'm happy to report that I was not disappointed.

The Bars

Dove's new gelato bars come in Triple Chocolate and Salted Caramel flavors. The company has aimed to make the bars' gelato centers creamier and more flavorful than traditional ice cream, and both are coated in a rich dark chocolate shell along with delicious crunchy toppings. Each box retails for $4.79 in stores across the country, and three bars come in each box.

Dove Gelato Salted Carmel


The Taste Test

Triple Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream is the one flavor that I'm not completely sold on, so I wasn't sure if this extra-chocolatey bar would be my favorite, but my worries were entirely displaced. The chocolate gelato within was irresistibly smooth, and the dark chocolate coating had a nice bite to it. Probably my favorite aspect was the crunchy chocolate cookie pieces nestled in the chocolate shell. Together, the three chocolates could have been overpowering, but instead they were just right.

The 240-calorie bar wasn't particularly big, but it was really satisfying, and the small size reminded me to savor every little bite.



Salted Caramel

I knew I was in for something special with the salted caramel bar simply because it's hard to go wrong with such a great flavor. I found the gelato to be slightly salty with a perfectly buttery caramel taste, and the dark chocolate shell was its perfect complement. Instead of cookie bits, this bar had crispy shards of butter toffee embedded in the coating, adding a crunchy, salty punch that elevated this bar even further.

At 250 calories, this bar is a little more satisfyingly calorific, but again I thought the small size was just right for such a delicious and flavor-packed treat.



Bottom Line

If you think Dove's gelato bars look delicious, I can't anticipate any reason you wouldn't like them. The gelato flavors and dark chocolate shells are delicious, and the crunchy toppings make them both textural delights. At 250 calories and under per bar, they're just right for the occasional dessert treat. The only problem is once they're spotted in the freezer, you'll have a tough time making them last very long.


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