Dr Pepper's 'Pick Your Pepper' Is Back—and You're Going to See So Many Cans in Your Feed

Little-known fact: It's more fun to drink a soda out of a can with the design you chose. Okay, that's more of a theory than a fact, but Dr. Pepper's "Pick Your Pepper" campaign is putting it to the test this summer.

The brand is selling soda cans and bottles with various different labels so that customers can choose the one that they like best.

So far, the designs seem to be catching people's eyes; plenty of photos have been popping up on social media with the hashtag #PickYourPepper.

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Thanks to Dr. Pepper fans' posts, we've been able to see how the different designs are perfect for people with very wide-ranging interests. It seems like there's something for everyone, whether they love llamas, unicorns, space or something else. Score one for novel packaging.

Dr. Pepper's experiment looks like it's working. The company ran the same campaign last year, too, so apparently there's something to be said for a more personal soda experience.


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