Dr. Pimple Popper Has a Skincare Set Perfect for the Start of Summer

Forget about serums and toners for a sec—Dr. Pimple Popper (aka Dr. Sandra Lee) has a skincare set that's actually made for everywhere but your face.

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That's right, even though the famed doctor is known for her disgustingly delightful pimple-popping videos, she also has a two-part set that's aimed at treating rough, bumpy skin (better known as Keratosis Pilaris), and general dryness all over your body—something I unfortunately experience.

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She launched her Body Smoothing Set (a part of her SLMD skincare line) about a year ago, but it was only recently—just in time for the kickoff to summer—that I learned this particular set existed. As soon as I found out, I reached out to a representative for the brand, who happily obliged when I asked if they'd send me a sample for review.

The Products

Glycolic Acid Body Scrub

Made primarily with powerful lactic acid and willowbark extract, this $35 resurfacing body treatment combination is said to dissolve dead skin and unclog pores everywhere on the body except the face. 


Glycolic Acid Body Lotion

Following the scrub, this product is to be applied everywhere on the body (except face). Just like its counterpart, it retails for $35. It's advised that users do not use on open scabs or particularly sensitive areas of the skin.

Made with lactic acid and shea butter, this gentle exfoliating acid has tiny molecules that are said to clear out clogged pores, encourage collagen production and pull water into your skin for extra hydration, therefore tackling those rough, dry, bumpy areas of your body.


The Experience

Aside from the simple, sleek packaging, the first thing I noticed about the scrub was its scent. I placed the tube in my shower so it was at arm's reach for my normal morning routine, and was pleasantly surprised to find a light, refreshing aroma. The previous product I'd been using of the same nature has a distinct odor—and, while it's a great item and the smell goes away after wash, I could really do without that scent. 

To apply, I took two quarter-sized amounts of product and began lightly scrubbing into the top outer areas of both of my arms, where I experience the most dryness and bumpiness. The process was totally painless and you don't need to scrub hard. After 30 seconds of scrubbing on each arm, I used any excess solution to apply on my stomach (because who doesn't want added softness in that area?). After full application, I felt an immediate difference. While the light keratosis in my arms certainly didn't disappear entirely, it felt significantly smoother.

After completing my shower routine, I immediately applied the SLMD body lotion. It's the perfect complement to the scrub, as it seals in moisture, creating a smooth finish. I'm not going to say it removed the bumps, but the lotion makes them absolutely less dry, and when I apply the solution to other parts of my body, I get an all-around hydration effect that lasts throughout the day. I had a small hangnail and it did feel slightly painful when immersed in the lotion, but it was short-lived and manageable.


Bottom Line

To this day, I don't know if there's an actual cure for keratosis or significantly dry or bumpy skin. That's a question for your dermatologist. That said, SLMD's Body Smoothing System is an excellent day-to-day treatment that minimizes the issue greatly. I've only been using it for a week, so it's quite possible the issue is lessened even more with daily, long-term use.

The products are painless (as long as you apply to non-open skin and avoid the face), they smell good (but by no means are overpowering) and they can be used anywhere on the body (again, except the face). I really enjoy applying the products on areas I normally wouldn't think of, to get a surprisingly extra smooth surface.

While the $65 price tag for the duo ($5 off of buying individually) may seem a bit steep for a scrub and lotion, if indeed you have keratosis or especially dry skin, this will alleviate some of the insecurities of showing off your arms or having people touch them. Especially coming off these cold months leading into summer, your skin likely needs some added hydration.

If you're simply looking for a moisturizing lotion for "normal" skin, this works great, but probably not necessary to purchase when you can get away with using shea butter from CVS. Either way, this set definitely gets my stamp of approval.


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