Drama Alert: Selena Gomez's BFF and BF Have Beef with Each Other!

There are some rumors going around that The Biebz isn't getting along with Selena Gomez's BFF Cameron Quiseng from Allstar Weekend!

It's going to be hard for Justin when his girl Selena hits the road this summer to tour alongside Allstar Weekend!

Cameron Quiseng and Selena Gomez are already close (check out all their Twitpics), but this tour might bring them too close for Justin's comfort!

We hope jealousy doesn't break these two teen sensations apart!

Greg, a member of Allstar Weekends Live Band, revealed that Justin and Cameron already don't get along, saying, "haha he and Cameron(in the band I work for) kinda have beef. Idk how much he will show his face."

Sounds like things are gonna get super dramatic! We don't want anyone to break our boy Justin's heart.